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Our parent company, K. Sakai & Co. Ltd., was established in Osaka, Japan in 1914. Since our inception, the vision of our founder was to expand the business to the United States of America. In 1966, we were able to realize our founder’s dream, when a liaison office was opened in Los Angeles, CA. The K. Sakai & Co., Los Angeles branch office was a simple, two-man operation, and with persistence and tenacity, business grew. By 1972, there was enough business to create a company financially independent from K. Sakai & Co, and Sakai & Co. (Calif) Inc. was established. In 1975, realizing that we needed a name befitting of our new home; we changed our name to Calsak Corporation. Our name comes from a combination of the State in which we originated (California = CAL), and our Japanese parent company (Sakai = SAK).

Since then, Calsak Corporation has diversified and become a trusted source for Polymers, Plastic Colorants, Fine & Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Plastic Optic Fibers, Functional Films, Industrial Fabrics, and other Commercial Specialty Products. Building on our success in California, we have since expanded our operations, to incorporate strategic sales offices and distribution centers across the United States and Mexico, with operations in Los Angeles, Washington, Indiana, Texas, and Northern Mexico. With our fully stocked distribution centers located throughout North America, we are able to service our customers with the convenience and speed to market which they require.

Our years of experience and knowledge in these industries, along with our extensive global network and strategic relationships with our affiliate companies, allow us to provide our customers and suppliers with a loyal, long term partnership, enabling mutual growth and success

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be a multi-faceted organization, to fully represent our supplier partners with pride and integrity, while creating and delivering solutions and services to our customers, which ultimately enhances their chances for success.

Corporate Headquarters:

Los Angeles, California

Sales Offices:

Los Angeles, California / Seattle, Washington / Houston, Texas

Distribution Centers:

Carson, California / City of Industry, California / Hammond, Indiana /
Arlington, Texas / El Paso, Texas / Fife, Washington / Tijuana, Mexico

Overseas Offices:

Osaka, Japan / Tokyo, Japan / Shanghai, China


Amsak Corporation: Ramsey, New Jersey
OK Color America: Torrance, California
Shanghai OK-Kasei Co., Ltd: Shanghai, China

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