Company History

Historical Events

1914 Founded K Sakai & Company World War I Begins
1918 The structure of company was transformed to a general partnership World War I Ends
1937 Opened offices in Shanghai, Dalian & Qingdao China Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Francisco
1953 Opened Tokyo Liaison Office The first Chevrolet Corvette is built in Flint, Michigan
1966 Opened Los Angeles Liaison Office Star Trek TV Show Premiers
1971 Opened New York Liaison Office Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida
1972 Calsak Corporation is established in Los Angeles, California Dow Jones closes above 1000 for the first time
1986 Corporate Head Quarters moved to Compton, California and opens sales office in Houston, Texas Hands Across America, 5 million people form a human chain from New York to Los Angeles to combat hunger and homelessness
1990 Established a Joint Venture Company for manufacturing Acrylic Sheets in Mexico (Plastiglas de Mexico) Hubble Space Telescope is put into orbit by NASA
1994 Established a Joint Venture Company for manufacturing Color Concentrate and Masterbatch in Torrance, California (OK Color America) North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed by USA, Mexico and Canada
1997 Established a Joint Venture Company for manufacturing Acrylic Sheets in Guangzhou, China (Cho Chen China) Steve Jobs returns to lead Apple Computers
1998 Calsak Corporation opens sales office in Seattle, Washington Google is launched
2005 Divested Semi-Finished Plastic Shapes business to focus greater attention to the growth of our core business; polymers, colorants, chemicals & specialty materials

Relocated Corporate Head Quarters to Gardena, California

YouTube is launched
2012 Calsak Corporation celebrates 40 years President Barack Obama re-elected to 2nd term as President of USA

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