Custom Pre Color

Calsak Corporation has partners worldwide that are renowned for their high standard of manufacturing and quality of goods. In the field of Custom Pre-Color, we are proud to be partnered with compounders that have the same values as we do, to be able to provide the best quality product with the best possible service.

No job is too small, no production run is too big for us to handle. Allow us to handle your requirements and utilize the networks and partnerships that we have forged over our many years in business.

  • We can provide computer analysis for each batch of color, to ensure proper lot to lot consistency.
  • We can work with the resin manufacturer, to provide the most cost effective results.
  • We can provide agency approvals, such as UL, FDA and NSF.
  • We can make unique formulations, not just with color, but also by adding other additives.
  • We can provide flexibility by offering lower minimum quantity requirements than most of our competitors.
  • We can solve problems by utilizing our network of technical experts to provide the best possible alternative for you.

Please contact us today to see how we can be your solutions provider.