Metallic & Pearl Color Effects

Metallic & Pearl Colors can create an elegant effect in plastic not normally achieved in conventional colors. Used in a wide range of applications from appliances to automotive parts, Metallic & Pearl Colors can be used to economically reproduce effects normally done by secondary operations such as painting, eliminating unwanted additional costs.

OK Color America is known for creating high quality color concentrates, and strives to provide the end user with cosmetically flawless parts. For anyone that has processed Metallic & Pearl colors, we know that these types of color effects are difficult to achieve without flaws, but OK Color America has formulated certain types to be vastly improved for reduced flow lines and cosmetic imperfections.

Our Metallic & Pearl Colors can be supplied to color a variety of resins, including ABS, PS, SAN, Acrylic, Nylon, PC, PP, PE and TPE. Our color concentrates can also be used in a variety of processing methods, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes.