Off the Shelf Color

Calsak Corporation carries standard Universal Black and Universal White color concentrates, produced using EVA as a base carrier resin. By utilizing an EVA resin as our carrier, these color concentrates can generally be used in almost all resins processed under 510°F. These are produced in large batch quantities and stocked at our distribution warehouse in California, to provide same or next day availability to our customers.

  • CKM-10-100 is our Universal White is a 70% TI02 content with EVA carrier
  • CKM-90-100 is our Universal Black with a 50% Carbon Black content with EVA carrier

Calsak Corporation also provides a variety of “Off The Shelf” colors. As a representative of one of the larger “Off The Shelf” color houses in the US, we are able to provide a variety of standard colors off the shelf, usually available the next day, out of the Central US, at relatively low minimum quantities.

Those that require quick turn around on color concentrates, and that do not require custom color matching to a specific target, should consider our “Off The Shelf” color concentrates.