Purging Compounds are a vital cog in the maintenance of machine time and labor calculations. As important as they are, Purging Compounds are often overlooked, and are not deemed “necessary” items to spend money on. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is costing you the processors, a lot of money.
With a proper purging compound, processors are able to eliminate the deadly sins in manufacturing:

Machine Downtime
Dirty Machines
Operators sitting… and waiting…

Some processors believe that using a scrap plastic may be the most economical way to purge a machine, and when it comes to the cost of material itself, it sometimes is. It is much easier to purchase scrap plastic rather than spend money on a purge compound. However, the old adage, time is money, is the key to running a cost effective plant. When considering the machine down time, and scrap produced by creating inferior parts with cosmetic blemishes due to improper cleaning, those costs are greatly higher than the cost of any purging compound.

Our purging compound is aptly named, FAST CLEAN®. By using FAST CLEAN®, processors are able to purge machines with utmost efficiency, quickly cleaning machines out and moving to the next material or color in a matter of minutes. FAST CLEAN is an economical and easy to use purging agent, and was developed for extrusion machines, blow molding machines and injection molding machines.

FAST CLEAN® is temperature specific, and not resin specific, so one grade of FAST CLEAN® can be used in a wide variety of resins. Our most popular FAST CLEAN® can be used in resins ranging from 350°F up to 550°F.

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