Stone Color Effects

The Sakai Group of companies has partnered with color concentrate leader OK KASEI LTD of Japan to create joint venture called OK Color America. OK Color America is a pioneer in producing high quality, special effect colorants. Utilizing unique technology, OK Color America has created PLAYSTONE® brand stone color concentrates. PLAYSTONE® can create the natural look of stone not possible with conventional colorants in plastic.

PLAYSTONE® consists of various combinations of modified natural particles applicable to a wide range of resins and is available in various colors. PLAYSTONE® can be set against an infinite number of background colors according to your decorative requirement. Particle size and color can be varied to produce a look that is unique and can also be combined with PLAYCOLOR® Marble Color for an endless combination of decorative patterns.

PLAYSTONE® allows injection molders, blow molders and extruders to create a wide array of color combinations and create a unique stone color effect. PLAYSTONE® can be used in a variety of resins, including ABS, PS, SAN, Acrylic, PP, PE and TPE. With our PLAYSTONE® color concentrate, customers have successfully been able to create looks that mimic natural granite found in kitchen countertops, rocks found in outdoor gardens, and stones found in streams and rivers.

Processors are able to achieve a highly cosmetic part without the cost increase in operations and processes that bog down companies today. With PLAYSTONE®, secondary operations such as painting and film overlay can be eliminated, and thus cost is dramatically reduced.