C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a voluntary partnership between U.S. Customs and private companies to fight against terrorism. The purpose of C-TPAT is to improve the U.S. border security. This partnership was started in November of 2001, just two months after the events of September 11.

To become a certified C-TPAT member, a company is required to have appropriate security procedures and to demonstrate an ongoing commitment toward strengthening their supply chains through specific and verifiable processes, procedures and best practices. Even after becoming a member, a company must update its information and security profile, and complete an Annual Security Profile Review every year. The update is to the security practices that were initially validated and checked by the C-TPAT validation team upon joining the program. The validation is to certify that the company’s current security profile is reliable, accurate and effective.

As an importer with a global supplier base, Calsak Corporation has participated in the program since 2007, as we think security incidents can cause significant disruption to your business and financial health. Currently, we are certified, validated, and re-validated under C-TPAT program, and are classified as a tier 2 member, which provides us with fewer examinations, priority of examinations, and expedited release of cargo.