Custom Material Compounds

Calsak Corporation stocks a wide variety of materials. However, there are times a material must be tailored specifically for your application. Need 100 pounds of custom colored nylon with glass and PTFE filler, or 100,000 pounds of mineral filled ABS? Is your existing material discontinued, have lead times issues or high minimums? Perhaps you are doing some reverse engineering and need a part analyzed?

Calsak’s experienced technical sales staff, working alongside our global network of compounding partners, can provide a nearly unlimited variety of material solutions, on time and on budget. No job is too tough to handle, no requirement is too difficult to meet.

Some of our capabilities:

  • UL Certified Materials
  • Specialty Compounds
  • Filled & Reinforced Compounds
  • Material Testing

Let us know how we can provide you with your solution, and be your problem solver!

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