Calsak Corporation is proud to be in partnership with the following companies:

Specialty Custom Compounds for Chi Mei Corporation
    Glass Filled ABS
    Custom Pre-Color Materials
    Alloys of ABS, PS, PC, ASA
Post Industrial and Post Consumer ABS

Acryrex® Acrylic by Chi Mei Corporation
Acrystex® SMMA Resin by Chi Mei Corporation
Kibilac® ASA by Chi Mei Corporation
Kibisan® SAN by Chi Mei Corporation
Kibiton® SB Copolymer by Chi Mei Corporation
Polylac® ABS by Chi Mei Corporation
Polylac® Transparent ABS by Chi Mei Corporation
Polyrex® Polystyrene by Chi Mei Corporation
Wonderlite® Polycarbonate by Chi Mei Corporation
Wonderloy® PC/ABS by Chi Mei Corporation

Custom Color Concentrates
Custom Pre-Color Materials

Denka® ABS by Denka Company Limited
Denka Styrol® Polystyrene by Denka Company Limited
Clearen® SB Copolymer by Denka Company Limited
TX Polymer SMMA/MS Resin by Denka Company Limited

Deslon® Nylon 6 & Nylon 6/6
Destone® Polyketone
Deslen® PP Long Glass Fiber
Desloy® Engineering Alloy Resin

Enviroplas® ABS Compounds
Enviroplas® Polycarbonate Compounds
Enviroplas® PC/ABS Compounds
Enviroplas® PC/PBT Compounds
Enviroplas® PBT Compounds
Enviroplas® PEI Compounds
Enviroplas® Custom Compounds

Yungsox® Homopolymer Polypropylene
Yungsox® Impact and Clarified Copolymer Polypropylene
Taisox® High Density Polyethylene
Taisox® Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Kepital® Acetal by Kepital Engineering Plastics

Kitamura Solid Powder PTFE Lubricants by Kitamura Limited

Acrypet ™ Acrylic Resins

Made to Order Compounding Service

Playcolor® Marble Color Effects
Playstone® Stone Color Effects
Metallic/Pearl Color Effects
OK Fast Clean® Purging Compounds

Analytical Testing Laboratory

Faraprene® TPE by Primex Plastics Corporation

El-Lene® Polyethylene by SCG Chemicals
El-Pro® Polypropylene by SCG Chemicals

Sumikasuper® LCP by Sumitomo Chemical
Sumikaexcel® PES by Sumitomo Chemical

Multilon® PC/ABS by Teijin Chemical
Panlite® Polycarbonate by Teijin Chemical

Other Materials Available By Request. Please contact your local Sales Person:
Los Angeles